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About Pomodoro

Mario Zavatta, owner of restaurant “Da Mario” in Karon, is know by many for his experience in Thailand where he always focused on quality and competence and with the staff that follows from years he achieved what he wanted.

Pomodoro Italian Pizza Restaurant was the opening of a new page, the style changes and decided to create a 360-degree experience where you can have breakfast, a quick and cheap lunch and also afternoon snacks and of course dinners for everyone. A large wood oven bakes pizza and “focacce” and the kitchen is equipped for any type of dish. The local is characterized by the possibility to sit and eat at the tables or have a drink in two corners with chairs where relaxing and chatting comfortably.

The restaurant is off from the main road but in a street with many tourists and local residents, surrounded by a pleasant silence and peace. Mario and all the Pomodoro staff await you!

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